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    House Rules

    We have prepared a set of healthy house rules for everyone to consider.

    House Rules

    Be Nice or Leave

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. We have prepared a set of healthy house rules for everyone to consider. We welcome common sense, encourage intelligent and respectful decisions, and discourage actions that might discomfort someone else, harm the natural habitat, or damage the space. The great Mexican leader Benito Juárez (1806-1872), a Zapotec man and Oaxaca native, taught us that “Among individuals and nations alike, respect for other people’s rights is what constitutes peace.”


    Benito Juarez is our hero


    Check-in & Check-out

    At Soirée, we don’t have a traditional front desk. However, any staff member on-site can assist you with check-in and check-out. Check-in is from 2:00 pm until 9:00 pm, but you can leave your bags with us if you arrive early. Late check-ins are ONLY accepted with prior arrangementsCheck-out is usually 11:00 a.m., but we offer luggage storage for guests with late airport departures.


    Be Conscious About Water

    Here in Zipolite, water comes from “Pozos de Agua” (water wells). These water wells get replenished during rainy seasons, which are shorter and shorter each year (Yes, global warming is real). Water is a rare commodity in Zipolite. Therefore, it is crucial to be extra conscious about water consumption, including shower time, unnecessary flushing, and other privileges we may only consider in some places.  It is crucial to note that this water is not drinkable; we will supply your room with drinking water.


    At Zipolite it is crucial to be conscious about water consumption

    Outside Visitors are Not Allowed

    We value our guests’ and house privacy and remind you that all rooms and amenities, including the pool, are exclusively for guests. While we all enjoy music and mezcal, parties are not permitted unless hosted by us or the Mezcaleria.

    Pets are Not Allowed

    We understand you may want to bring your four-legged friend, but unfortunately, pets are not allowed on our premises. We promise there are enough dogs to go around in Zipolite.


    Pool & Patio

    Open hours are from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. 

    At Soirée, we consider the pool a meeting point and a common space we all share. So we kindly ask you to follow these five simple rules:

    • NO visitors, only guests
    • NO diving or jumping 
    • NO glass containers 
    • NO outside drinks
    • NO orgies

    Clothes Optional for Sun Bathing is OK.

    According to locals and other references, during the 1960s, Playa Zipolite was a popular destination for young countercultural tourists (the “hippies”) because of its bohemian atmosphere and acceptance of nudity on the beach, particularly on Playa del Amor, located at the eastern end. In Mexico, public nudity was illegal until 2016, when Playa Zipolite and Playa del Amor were designated as the only legal nude beaches in Mexico. At Soirée, the common areas are for everyone, but not everyone is comfortable with nudity outside the beach. So please wear clothing in the common areas, unless you are sun bathing. No one likes tan lines!

    We hope you enjoy your stay!


    Firma, Oliver.