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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is Soirée located?

    You can find Soirée at Mezcalería Gota Gorda, right across from Lo Cosmico, just before reaching El Alquimista. You can use Google Maps to navigate the location by following the provided link/pin.

    How do I get to Soirée from Huatulco or Puerto Escondido airports?

    You can either get to Soirée by way of Taxi or Public/Local:


    • Public Transportation is also known as “Colectivo”.
      First, you have to walk out of the airport until you reach the main road (3-6 minutes). They are both very small airports. You take any minivan or transportation heading towards Pochutla (70 MXN). You get off at the Pochutla crossroads, “Crucero de Pochutla,” and get into a taxi or bus to Zipolite (30-200 MXN).
        1. From Huatulco airport, you can take a minivan or other transportation towards Pochutla (70 MXN). There, get off at the intersection to Pochutla (before turning to Pochutla) and take local transport or a cab to Zipolite (30-200 MXN).
        2. From Puerto Escondido airport, take an external cab to the minivans, “Los Rápidos de Pochutla” (50-100 MXN). There, get into a minivan heading to Pochutla (70 MXN). You will have to get off at the intersection in San Antonio. Finally, get on a local transport or a cab to Zipolite (30-200 MXN)
    • Private Transportation: If you need transportation from the airport to the Hotel, vice versa, or any other place in Oaxaca, you can book a safe and reliable taxi by sending a message to “Kevin” via WhatsApp:
      Call Kevin at +52 958 128 5454

      Fall 2023 / Latest Rates
      Huatulco (HUX) – 900 MXN (45-60 min)
      Puerto Escondido (PXM) – 1000 MXN (90 min)
    What time is Check-in?

    Check-in starts at 2:00 pm. There’s flexibility depending entirely on the departure time of other guests.

    How late can I Check-in?

    You can arrive as late as 9:00 pm. Only late arrivals with prior arrangements.

    Can I store my luggage with you?

    If you arrive early, you can leave your bags with us while you explore, brunch, or relax in the pool/patio with a mezcal. If you have a late airport departure, you can leave your luggage with us after you check out.

    What time is Check-out?

    It’s usually 11:00 am, but we try to be flexible when possible.

    Where is the reception?

    Soirée is not really a hotel, so we don’t have a desk per se, but any staff member you see on-site can help you with anything you need from check-in until check-out.

    Do you have Wifi?

    Yes, most of our units have high-speed satellite internet (Starlink) and fiber optic internet in the rest.

    Do you have parking?

    Yes, we have parking, but we cannot guarantee the private parking spaces as they’re on a first-come, first-served basis. But this is rarely a problem. There is private parking and on-street parking. They’re both equally safe.


    We don’t offer daily cleaning. It’s as needed. We offer cleaning 2-3 times a week for slightly longer stays. The change of towels and bed linen is included.

    Do you have extra beds?

    Sorry, we do not have extra beds.